Triple Lab Tested

We validate with a second lab test for every single raw extract. Not all extracts are created equal. Once validated, we formulate based on the exact percentages. When the final product formulation is completed, we send out for a third lab test to ensure safety and percentages! This is the only way to be 100% sure of strength & safety

Quality Sourced

We believe better ingredients & methods, make better products. Our farms follow organic practices that produce one of the highest level of hemp available. Located in Oregon, Colorado & North California, we are proud to source only the best ingredients such as CO2 Full spectrum, Broad Spectrum Disillate & Cannabis Oriented Terpenes.

Honest Products

Our products consists of honest formulations and strengths. When our label says 1000mg CBD, we actually count the exact CBD content not the whole plant CBD oil like most brands. Example Our 1000mg CBD actually has 1800mg of total Phytocannabinoids (complete Full Spectrum Oil, average 60% CBD content). One of many honest practices followed by Peacock CBD!

Peacock CBD

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