Born out of the love of cannabis. Collectively our team brings over 20 years of experience. We have seen the good, the bad and the ugly, from cultivation to manufacturing. Peacock Labs continually looks ahead of innovation and purpose. As our products speak for themselves.

A natural creation of a few guys that love cannabis. Instead of pushing inferior products it was decided to focus on R&D and gave birth to Peacock labs in 2017. As manufacturers, we wanted to make sure we have 100% control and confidence. Soon the hype of the CBD industry starts and brands pop up pushing diluted, unsafe, unregulated inferior products. It convinced us more so that we were on the right track.



Consider our products as art. Pouring our heart and soul into each piece. Currently a small batch craft manufacturer. Every extract is hand picked by COA. Based on high percentages in minor cannabinoids and low percentages of CBD. This process limits the amount that can be produced but insures our products are one of the most full spectrum cannabidiol on the market. Also due to the high concentration, our process requires Triple Lab Testing. Quality over Quantity.


Triple Lab Tested

Our products are Triple Lab Tested by a Third party validated state Laboratory. What does Triple Lab Tested mean? It means we validate w/ a second test for each batch of raw extract to ensure percentages & contaminants. We then process our products. Once processed, the sample is sent out for a final Lab Test to guarantee clean, safe & consistent products. 


Meet our Team

Jae Ham

Originally in the cannabis world of D.C. An early player in hemp combined with starting the operation in NC, during the birth of the hemp industry. He was at the right place at the right time. Jae has learned much. Since he has built a team of passionate people and founded an array of hemp business. Such as multiple retail stores, brands, manufacturing and indoor cultivation.

Paul Fish

Sales Director
Paul Fish is our Sales Director. Through out his working career, he has built a great deal of experience in direct sales for larger firms. He soon climbed his way up as the director of sales at his last corporate position. Paul being an avid user of CBD, he decided to follow his passion and join our group despite his high position. Paul has been an awesome addition to our team and has added much value. We hope to continue and grow together as a team but most importantly as a family.

Mary Zakaidze

Pharmacist / Chemist
Mary is our leading chemist. She has experience in the pharmaceutical industry and also majored in chemical engineering from LSU. Compare our products with other brands and you will notice our products are Artisan made with effective and innovative ingredients. This is because of Mary.

John Ham

Multimedia Director
John is our Multimedia Director. He has built a great deal of experience managing other media firms in conjunction of many freelance type work. One of the newest recruits, he hopes to help tell our story. All of us here at Peacock would like the rest of the world to know what we know. That we are awesome and our products are awesome. Just in the short time he has been with us, we can see the benefit of him being apart of our team!


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