Peacock CBD is an Artisan CBD Brand & Manufacturer, specializing in high strength craft CBD products. They don’t believe in superficial advertisements, they don’t follow margins and they waited almost 2 years before entering the market. So why do they choose to operate like this when huge brands are doing it more profitable? Check out their interpretation of their brand story to find out.

Peacock CBD, established in Aug 2017. We first began with our sister vape brand Wunderkind CBD. One of the first CBD distillate based vapes on the market!! We were excited and rushed out to the market and started to get great traction till we started to get real feedback….. our vape pens had problems….they leaked….alot. These are stores we respect and felt terrible about this ordeal. 

Instead of pushing inferior products, our group decided to take a huge step back and focus on research and development, we wanted to make sure we were 150% confident before we entered back into the market. We started to see brands popping up pushing diluted and inferior products which convinced us more so that we needed to be different. 

As time went on the market has proven our stance “Quality over Quantity.” The market is starting to realize, what you pay for is what you’re gonna get. Cheap, low strength products just aren’t effective and we knew this.

The problem was the only way to promise high strength products and still clear a low threshold of 0.3% THC, the process required higher cost extracts and “Triple Lab Testing”. Which despite the extra production time and cost, our group decided Quality and honest products are more important than margins. Peacock CBD’s priority is to produce safe and effective relief! 

So….almost 2 years, thousands of dollars invested, constant R&D, testing and locking down quality sources, we have created a full line of Artisan CBD products. Officially in March 2019, we are proud to introduce Peacock CBD!


Our products are Triple Lab Tested by a Third party validated state Laboratory. What does Triple Lab Tested mean? It means we validate w/ a second test for each batch of raw extract to ensure percentages & contaminants. We then process our products. Once processed, we send out for a final Lab Test to guarantee clean, safe & consistent products. This is the only way to produce consistent and safe products! We just don’t understand how most of the market is not doing this.

Also keep in mind, we are a CBD Brand & Store in a regulated State! What does that mean? That means all our products are heavily scrutinized and tested. We have no choice but to have 100% accountability in our products. 

Peacock CBD is registered with the department of agriculture in North Carolina and are a part of the industrial hemp pilot program. We are authorized to process and distribute lawfully. All our products are triple lab tested with third party validation. Constantly tested for safety, consistency and purity.

Trusted Products by Trusted People.

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Meet our Team

Sun Chung

Chief of Investments & Finance
Sun is our Chief of Investment & Finance. With much experience in the Real estate investment industry, she has developed great knowledge and network to help further our cause. Also comes from a family with a long history of Organic Farming. When CBD first came on the scene, she knew right away this would be huge! Sunhee has been an advocate and effective part of our team from the start!

JK Ham

JK is our Chief Operating Officer. JK has built and grown multiple businesses. Through this process he stumbled upon the Hemp industry and develop great knowledge and experience. He soon realized the problems of the industry that needed to be addressed. JK hopes to establish new industry standards through our brand for the CBD movement!

Mary Zakaidze

Pharmacist / Chemist
Mary is our leading chemist. She has experience in the pharmaceutical industry and also majored in chemical engineering from LSU. Compare our products with other brands and you will notice our products are Artisan made with effective and innovative ingredients. This is because of Mary.

Kevin Alvarez

Production Manager
Kevin is our lead production manager. He started as an intern for private subsidy for Canopy Growth Corp and in 2 years became the head warehouse manager. Due to personal events, he has become an avid user and advocate of CBD and decided to pursue his passion full time. He has been a great addition to our brand!


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