As the CBD industry starts to regulate, we decided it was imperative to produce in a state that would be ahead in regulations. We believe we will benefit from being in a regulated state in terms of compliance and growth. North Carolina is becoming a pioneer in the hemp industry on the east coast and we are proud to be apart fo this movement.

Did you know our COO is the liaison for Steeple Hill Labs DC in North Carolina? As the industry regulates, there will be higher standards of Tests. Of which only 3 labs in the nation can provide and we are proud to be partnered with Steep Hill Labs DC.

Also keep in mind, we are a CBD Brand & Store in a regulated State! What does that mean? That means all our products are heavily scrutinized and tested. We have no choice but to have 100% accountability in our products. 

Peacock CBD is registered with the department of agriculture in North Carolina and are a part of the industrial hemp pilot program. We are authorized to process and distribute lawfully. All our products are triple lab tested with third party validation. Constantly tested for safety, consistency and purity. We are in process of updating our tests, some tests may not be shown. Inquire by email and we would gladly provide.